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Written by the Chinese author N. Heller (须尾俱全) and translated to English on Webnovel,

Doomsday Wonderland (末日乐园) is a Chinese Horror, Thriller & Sci-Fi web novel. There is also a manhau adaptation.


Lin Sanjiu is a normal woman in modern-day society. Everyone admires her outstandingly handsome, gentle, and rich boyfriend. However, Lin Sanjiu feels vaguely afraid of this "perfect" boyfriend. She's always felt that her boyfriend looks at her like she's a tasty piece of meat...

The transformation happened one night. Sanjiu got into an argument with her boyfriend, and he finally revealed his true colors. As it turns out, he was a being with special abilities from an apocalyptic world who wanted to eat Sanjiu to help him evolve. To his dismay, he ended up being the one killed by Sanjiu with her hidden abilities instead.

However, Sanjiu's troubles don't end with her dead boyfriend. In fact, the world she resides in is starting to go through unusual changes. This world is becoming a scorching hot hellhole...

Characters (Order of Appearance and World Arc)[]

Hyperthermal Hell[]

Garden of Eden[]

Kisaragi Station[]

Red Nautilus[]

Meat Elysium[]

Salvation of God[]

The Data Stream Library[]


The Olympics[]

Heaven Underworld[]

A special thanks to HT for their lovely fan art that's used for the characters' images in their respective infoboxes.

Apocalyptic Worlds Visited[]

  1. Hyperthermal Hell
  2. Garden of Eden
  3. Kisaragi Station
  4. Red Nautilus
  5. Meat Elysium
  6. Salvation of God / The Olympics
  7. Heaven Underworld

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